Tips For Sellers

Here are 5 things to consider once you've chosen Lauren Conway Klein to list your home in Murrysville:

1.  Have at least one extra key made for your front door (this is for the lockbox)

2.  If you have a copy of your survey, please have a copy made for the file

3.  Please make sure to complete the Seller Disclosure

4.  Make a list of any improvements you've done to the property so any prospective buyers can be made aware of them.  (i.e. New Kitchen 2010, New Roof 2009, etc.)

5.  Please keep in mind that it normally takes about 10 days for the process of listing your home to be completed.  Things like uploading the home's information into the Multi-List, ordering and installing the sign and lock box, having present sheets and marketing materials ready to display in your home.