The History of Murrysville

Franklin Township was the first development in the area of Murrysville. However, it wasn't listed on the Westmoreland County records until 1788.
Before that, William Meanor bought a claim of land from an Indian in exchange for a keg of tobacco and a rifle. And in 1769, Robert Hays applied to the government for land and purchased 339  acres for 45 pounds, 2 shillings and 6 pence.

Murrysville itself was founded by Ireland native Jeremiah Murry. He traveled to Pennsylvania in 1781 and then on to Franklin Township. He acquired land near Turtle Creek and built a cabin and gristmill. He also kept a store near the current location of the Presbyterian Church.
Murry established the town of Murrysville in 1820, no more than a year after the Northern Turnpike was constructed. He originally purchased several hundred acres of land, which he subdivided into streets and lots. Murry then sold the land to incoming settlers.

The school system in Murrysville holds a lot of history as well. Murrysville was the first school established in the area in 1800. Then in 1861, Francis Laird Stewart organized the Turtle Creek Academy. Classes were first held in Murry's father's house and then moved to the basement of the Presbyterian Church.
The Murrysville Grade School was built in 1905 and is now being used to house several businesses. Newlonsburg Elementary, which was the original high school, was built in 1929.